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books to enter the spirituality of the monks of Tibhirine

Contemporary man is more willing to listen to witnesses than masters, and if he listens to masters it is because they are also witnesses. [...] But what is a witness? A witness is someone who has had a personal experience and who shares it with others. [...] And if this witness is ready to seal with his blood what he affirms by his life and by his word, then he becomes a martyr, a prophet of hope whose testimony contains an extraordinary force of life, like the grain of wheat that dies in the ground and produces abundant fruit. [...] From daily martyrdom, expressed in "dying every day" (1 Cor 15.31; 2 Co 4, 10-12), to bloody martyrdom, the step to be taken can be tiny.

Dom Bernardo Olivera, Circular letter of May 21, 1997,

in How far to follow? , Cerf / Parole et silence, 1997, p. 132-133.


After having created in 2011 the site , and in order to allow a very large public to access this spiritual treasure, the Association for the Writings of the 7, gathering the Trappist family (OCSO) and the families of the monks, accompanied by an international scientific committee, undertook in 2017 the systematic edition of the texts of the brothers. The editorial project is driven by the desire to "let the brothers speak" and to bring out the community aspect of this message.



A first volume to enter the vocation and the history of faith of these men and their arrival in Tibhirine. Genesis of a community ... (September 2018)

The first portal work in this series made it possible to know and follow each brother in his vocation and his personal itinerary, and at the same time to grasp the genesis of this community as each one arrives in Tibhirine.

Blessed are those who give themselves. Life given stronger than death

A second volume to understand the meaning of their martyrdom

“Let us also remember the recent testimony of the Trappist monks of Tibhirine (Algeria), who prepared together for martyrdom”

Pope Francis, Gaudete and Exsultate, n ° 141


The second volume in this series shows how these brothers prepared themselves, personally and in community, to live the gift of their lives to the end. The work offers a thematic selection of texts by the brothers already published and unpublished, on the gift, death and martyrdom. They were brought together in order to enter, from the inside, into their progressive understanding of what the gift of their life meant, first by the monastic profession, then, how over the days and events, the he possibility of a violent death could be tamed in a constant search for this fidelity to the bonds woven during more than 50 years of presence. A story of love greater, stronger than death ...

The texts are presented according to the chronological thread, with introduction and notes offering the elements of context.



Heureux ceux qui se osent la rencontre. Des moines en pays d'Islam.

Un troisième tome pour entrer dans le contact vivant avec l'Islam

(Tome 3 - Juin 2022).

« Je crois à la place spécifique des moines dans un dialogue entre croyants », écrivait Christian de Chergé. Avec lui, les moines de Tibhirine ont inscrit en terre d’Islam l’histoire d’une coexistence priante, l’histoire d’une rencontre avec l’Algérie et ses habitants, mais aussi avec la foi musulmane. La communauté de Notre-Dame de l’Atlas qui a su se mettre à l’écoute de ce pays jusqu’à en épouser les joies, les peines, et le tragique de la décennie noire, a accepté d’être marquée dans son rythme et sa prière par la rencontre quotidienne avec la religion de l’autre.
Ce livre, tissé de leurs écrits et de leurs pensées, rappelle que l’Église est porteuse d’un message fraternel qui transcende les frontières pour y inscrire l’amour universel comme seul credo audible par tous. Charles de Foucauld en est un illustre précurseur. Les dix-neuf martyrs d’Algérie sont venus ajouter leurs témoignages au sien.