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The monks of Tibhirine

Christian de Chergé,
Christophe Lebreton,
Luc Dochier,
Paul Favre-Miville,
Michel Fleury,
Celestin Ringeard,
Bruno Lemarchand

Known by the film Men and Gods, Grand Prize at the Cannes Festival in 2010, and beatified on December 8, 2018 in Oran with the twelve other martyrs of the Church of Algeria, the 7 brothers left us an immense spiritual heritage . They are, with their brothers and sisters, "a prophetic word for our world, for all those who believe and work to live it together". They are "models on the way to ordinary holiness", "the witnesses that a simple life, but one given entirely to God and to others can lead to the highest of human vocation. "

Press release from the Bishops of the Maghreb,


Fraternal humanity


A collection of books to enter into their spirituality ...

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